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Representations of Sex and Gender in Art

The Cranes Are Flying_Veronika in Crowd.jpg

Contributors: Austin Cheney, Bonnie Wei, Sydney Stotter, Brandon Boccelllari

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Porn and Sexual Paraphernalia

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Contributors: Elena Broderick, Abby Cox, Isabel Silverstein

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Contributors: Shaina Robinson, Emily Siegel, Katherine Nickols, Zoe Allen, Veronica Benson-Moore

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Contributors: Isobel Blanchard, Coco Farinet-Brenner, Emily Spiegel

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A collection of items for the group researching prostitution

Contributors: Bryn Mawr College, History 238--From Bordellos to Cybersex: Maddie Backus, Oly Brookhart, Maggie Brown, Emma Levin

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