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Maddie Backus, Oly Brookhart, Maggie Brown, Emma Levin


Bryn Mawr College, History 238--From Bordellos to Cybersex: Maddie Backus, Oly Brookhart, Maggie Brown, Emma Levin


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Artemis Sauna Club
The resource was found in conjunction with an article on the New York Times about prostitution in Germany in connection to the World Cup.

This image shows advertising for the legal purchase of sex in the red light district of Hamburg in northern Germany

Germany, The World Cup and Sex
An independently produced documentary recording the relationship between legalized prostitution and the 2006 World Cup

The resource highlights an episode during a parliamentary review of the effects of the German government to diminish the possibility of forced prostitution during the World Cup.

A news report with coverage regarding the concern of the United States in regards to sex trafficking concerns during the 2006 World Cup.

Performance Boxes
"In diese Verrichtungsboxen können die Freier mit dem Auto hineinfahren." This is the caption in German connected to the photo. 'Verrichtungsboxen' translates roughly to "sex boxes" or "performance boxes"

The Underbelly of Germany's Sex Trade
A close up image showing the instructions for proper condom disposal in a German performance box

Prostitutes in German Brothel
This is a photograph showing three prostitutes with their backs turned to the camera, presumably while working at a brothel.

Prostitute on bed
A photograph of a room in a brothel shows a prostitute with her back to the camera lounging on a bed.
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