Shaina Robinson, Emily Siegel, Katherine Nickols, Zoe Allen, Veronica Benson-Moore

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Bra and Panties c.1928
Cream silk satin and beige lace Bra & Panties, c. 1928

Designer Sketch for a Slip by Lucille
Drawing of a slip from Lucille c. 1925

The Charleston craze reaches new heights. Dances Charleston on top of airplane 2,000 feet up. Mildred Unger, only ten years old, proves daring high stepper in thrilling aerial feat. Semi close up of Mildred Unger. Being placed in plane. The plane…

South West Lancashire Pit Brow Woman, 1886
Photo extracted from collection of photographs compiled in "Victorian Working Women: Portraits from Life"

Symington Side Lacer
An image from a listing on eBay, taken from Smithsonian Magazine.
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